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Bahrain Embassy Visa

Bahrain Embassy visa - Definition and guide for application


DefinitionBahrain Embassy visa is the different way to call the “Bahrain visa which is stamped at the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate in foreign countries.” It is actually not a name or a kind of visa to Bahrain, but the method to get the visa stamped to be exact.

Is it legitimate? Yes, it is of course legitimate since it is issued by the Bahrain Immigration Department and double checked by the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate abroad before being granted to the passport holder.


What does it differ from Bahrain eVisaBahrain Embassy Visa is different from Bahrain eVisa in the place to get the visa stamped: With Bahrain Embassy Visa, the visa applicant has to send the passport to the Embassy/ Consulate in advance to get the visa approved and stamped, after that he/she needs to visit the Embassy/ Consulate Office in person to get his/her visa there. Yet, with Bahrain eVisa, the applicant does not have to send passport off because they just apply online through the online agent, after that, they get their eVisa via email and then travel to Bahrain.

How does it cost? The cost differs among nationalities, and normally is twice that of the eVisa.

How to get Bahrain Embassy visa?

To apply for Bahrain Embassy visa, you  send your passport, 2 photos, together with some changes for visa fee (call your Bahrain embassy to ask for the exact fee) to the Bahrain  Embassy/ Consulate for getting your visa approved and stamped, and after a few days you will visit the embassy directly to get your passport with stamped visa back.

Notes: After getting Bahrain visa  from Bahrain Embassy, you will get the visa stamped on your passport in some working days, it depends on each Embassy. The stamping fee is also different from each one.


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