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The eVisa Bahrain – definition & instructions

The eVisa Bahrain – definition & instructions
This website has been set up for the purpose of providing useful information about eVisa Bahrain for those passport holders who would like to enter Kuwait and get eVisa Bahrain in the country. You may find here and there several websites providing information about eVisa Bahrain, but perhaps each of them contains one or some, not all you need about this kind of visa. Thus, this website gives you every little thing you need to know so as to get eVisa Bahrain and enter Bahrain without any trouble.

What is the eVisa Bahrain?
That it is called “The eVisa Bahrain” already tells the way passport holders get this kind of visa Bahrain. It means “The Bahrain eVisa that Bahrain eVisa applicants will pick up online via email and then enter Bahrain through the arrival ports in Bahrain”. The required condition for this is that the applicants must have had Bahrain visa pre-approved letter before traveling to Bahrain.

Do I have to worry about Bahrain eVisa’s legitimacy?
No, you do not at all, because Bahrain eVisa is 100% legitimate as it is issued by the Bahrain Immigration Department. The term “eVisa” only means the way applicants pick up their visa (that is, online).

How it differs from normal Bahrain visa (stamped at Embassy)?
 The eVisa Bahrain is, as said above, as legitimate as the normal visa for Bahrain which is picked up at Bahrain Embassy. What makes it different is the place to pick up visa: Bahrain eVisa is picked up at arrival airport when arriving in Bahrain, but Bahrain Embassy visa (traditional visa) is picked up at Bahrain Mission at applicants’ locality.

Why should choose eVisa Bahrain?
It is advised for Bahrain visa applicants to apply for Bahrain eVisa because it is much easier, quicker, simpler and cheaper to apply and get rather than normal visa at Embassy. With this, Bahrain visa applicants could avoid length of waiting and queuing at Embassy, or long-way travel to Embassy if living far from it.

How I apply for the eVisa Bahrain?
The process is very simple. You just need to fill out the online Bahrain eVisa form here to get the Bahrain visa approval letter (eVisa) via email. 

What I should and should not do when applying for the Visa Bahrain?
You should:
  • Be reminded that Bahrain eVisa is only for those who travel by air or land to Bahrain
  • Pay online visa approval fee when making application
  • Make sure your passport must be at least 6 months validity
You should not:
  • Reckon that every passport holder could enter Bahrain
  • Reckon that you could enter Bahrain every time with your Bahrain visa, because it has its own validity and you could only enter and exit within this validity time
  • Forget to check your online payment to make sure it is successful
  • Forget to double check information in your Bahrain visa approval letter to make sure everything is correct
Can I apply for the eVisa Bahrain right at this website?
Yes, you can. Just go online at and follow instructions.
How to contact for free instructions and for Bahrain eVisa application? 
 Should you have any related queries, please call us at our hotline: +84.903.278.853 Or Email us

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