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Bahrain Visa Exemption

Bahrain Visa Exemption - Who are offered?

In order to welcome more and more visitors to Bahrain, the nation’s Government issued the Bahrain visa exemption. Travelers from countries in the visa exemption list are allowed to enter Bahrain without a visa within a certain period of time. Please kindly check whether you need a visa to Bahrain or not before filling out the Bahrain visa application form by clicking on this text Bahrain  visa requirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you would like to stay in Bahrain longer the the free visa time, you DO NEED APPLY FOR Bahrain VISA. For expample, if you are citizen from the countries in Bahrain visa exemption list, you can stay in Bahrain without a visa in 90 days, but if you want to stay in Bahrain for 95 days, you have to apply for Bahrain visa before traveling.


Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to visit Bahrain and may use National ID Cards to enter the country:

  •  Kuwait
  •  Oman
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  United Arab Emirates


If you are in the Bahrain visa exemption list, for example, Qatar passport holder, surely you can enter and stay in Bahrain for 14 days without a Bahrain visaHowever, for a stay over 90 days, say, 95 days, you are required to apply for a visa for Bahrain. For any further Bahrain visa requirements, please call us at our hotline +84.903.278.853, or email us at .


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