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Bahrain eVisa application - To Whom & How?



What is normal Bahrain visa?

Normal Bahrain visa is a stamp glued into passport to permit the passport holder to enter and stay in Bahrain within that visa’s validity time. The validity time (from entry till exit date) is noted in the visa stamp. The passport holder is required to leave Bahrain latest on the date of expiry of visa stamp.
Normally Bahrain visa application must be done online first then applicant will be interviewed by the Bahrain Mission to get visa stamp at the Mission. However, at present, it is easier and quicker for passport holders to make Bahrain visa application because they can apply online for Bahrain eVisa rather than traveling to the Bahrain Mission.

 About EVISA

EVISA is an official authorization for a Short Visit to Bahrain and is issued electronically. The EVISA is introduced with the intention of providing an efficient, reliable and simplified service to those who visit Bahrain. EVISA holders will be issued a 14 or 30 or 90 day Short Visit visa at the port of entry in Bahrain depending on each country. The EVISA is issued through an online system.  
There is no requirement to endorse the EVISA on the passport.
How many ways to make Bahrain visa application?

There are now quite a few ways for you to make Bahrain visa application. If you have good command of it, you will find it easy and simple for getting Bahrain visa application, but if you don’t, it might make you a bit tired and confused of complicated procedures.
We will hereby list for you all the ways to make a Bahrain visa application with the order from the easiest to the hardest as follows:

1/ Online Bahrain visa application (for Bahrain eVisa):

The requirement for this is that you will travel to India by air, land or ship in Bahrain. The procedures are very simple:
·         You fill in the online Bahrain visa application form & make payment
·         Check email to receive Bahrain approval letter after 5 business days (normal service) or urgent 4 and super 3 business days (urgent services).
The online procedures only take you 3 or 5 minutes. So, this is now considered the easiest and quickest way of Bahrain visa application.
This is surely easier and quicker because the consultants are available there to assist you at best.

2/ Bahrain visa application made at Bahrain Mission

This is a traditional way of making Bahrain visa application. However, you still need to get Bahrain visa application online first then wait to be called for an interview at Bahrain Mission. But this might take longer and requires passport send-off, so it is not preferred as eVisa.
Hopefully these information is useful for you. If you have any further questions about Bahrain visa or would like to make Bahrain visa application now, please feel free to contact us right away at hotline +84.903.278.853 or email for free guide.


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