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Bahrain Visa Approval Letter - The eVisa

Bahrain visa approval letter - crucial document to get Bahrain visa issued most quickly

What is “Bahrain visa Approval Letter – the eVisa”?

Bahrain visa approval letter (or pre-approved letter – the eVisa) is an official legitimate document granted to passport holders by the Bahrain Immigration Department, proving that they have been approved by the Immigration to get Bahrain visa at any port of entry in Bahrain. It is normally issued to those who have applied for Bahrain eVisa. This seems to be the easiest way to get your Visa to Bahrain if you want to avoid the complicated procedures. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through the immigration checkpoint.

What passport holders need to do with the Bahrain visa approval letter – the eVisa?

Upon arrival in Bahrain, the passport holders need to show this document to the Immigration Officers to get their visa stamped into their passport.
Visa approval letter is used for Bahrain eVisa and valid for double entry with tourist purpose or multiple entry for business purpose.

How does the Bahrain eVisa approval letter – the eVisa look like?

Below is sample of the Bahrain eVisa approval letter for your reference:


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