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Bahrain visa online - The usefulness & application process

Why this is useful?
Bahrain visa online has become the most widely used way to get visa for Bahrain thanks to its favorability of quickness, ease and low-cost. Those who do not have Bahrain visa exemption are suggested to apply for Bahrain visa online if they are traveling to Bahrain, so they can get their Bahrain eVisa stamped at one of the port of entry in Bahrain. Applying for Bahrain visa online is so easy that you or anyone can finish within a few minutes.
Please kindly follow the 3 easy below steps for applying for Bahrain visa online quickly:
3 Easy Steps to Apply for Bahrain visa online:

·         Step 1: Fill out the Bahrain eVisa secure application form:
Get started by filling out the secure online form with correct devisal of the Bahrain visa applicant’s full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and arrival date.
·         Step 2: Confirm and make payment for the Bahrain eVisa fee (Bahrain eVisa service fee)
- Double check to make sure the information is correct
- Make payment for the visa service (online payment by credit cards/debit cards via PayPal or payment via OnePay system).
·         Step 3: Receive Bahrain eVisa approval letter & get visa stamped at any designated port of entry
- Print the approval letter and board your flight to Bahrain. There is no need to have a visa stamped in your passport prior to your arrival in Bahrain...
Welcome to Bahrain and have a good trip!

How to process Bahrain visa online?
After you complete and submit your Bahrain visa online application, making a successful payment, we will start processing your visa for Bahrain. After 3 working days (or 2 or 1 working day for urgent service and only 4 hours for super urgent service), you will receive your Bahrain visa approval letter via email.
Upon arrival in Bahrain (at one of the designated airports of Bahrain.), you just submit your printed Bahrain visa approval letter and your passport to the Immigration Desk, you will get your Bahrain visa stamped within couple of minutes.

Have questions about Bahrain visa, Bahrain visa online or Bahrain vacations? Kindly email us at or call +84.903.278.853.


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