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Benefits of Bahrain Visa Online (Bahrain eVisa) for Indians:
To help India to Bahrain save their time and money on getting a Bahrain visa, the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence (NPRA) put Bahrain EVISA online or Bahrain eVisa  into use with modern electronic system in special advantages:
+ Time for processing: Online application for visa: 3-5 working days, Embassy application: 10-15 days
+ Requirement: Online application for e-Visa: 100% online, Embassy application: original passport required.
+ Time savings, no travelling for e-Visa, there is no need to have a visa stamped in your passport prior to your arrival in Bahrain.
+ Note: You can't apply for a new visa if your existing visa is unused or has not expired.

Thanks to Bahrain eVisa, more and more Indians enter Bahrain can get visa easily and quickly without sending their original passport to the Embassy.

To get your Bahrain eVisa now, Indians only need to follow all the simple and easy steps below:

Benefits when using for Indians: is ready to satisfy more than 100,000 (Australian, US...) clients from all over the world and make sure that you will be the next one. Our service is highly appreciated about the quality, secure and convenient. Furthermore, with, Indians will get more benefits than other websites like:
- 24/7 online application
- No time limit.
- Application revision and correction by visa experts before submission to the Bahrain Department of Immigration.
- Simplified application process.
- Correction of missing or incorrect information.
- Privacy protection and safe form.
- Support and Assistance 24/7 by E-mail and Hotline
- Email Recovery of your eVisa in case of loss. has full Bahrain visa information for Indians.  Don't hesitate to contact us by 24/7 hotline or directly chat or email us to work with our well-educated and nice supporters. Surely will you find satisfied with us as NO WHERE BETTER THAN!

For More Information Details for Indians:

1. About the Bahrain e-Visa for Indians
Bahrain-Visa (e-Visa) is required for all Indians planning to enter Bahrain.
The e-Visa is issued online for both tourism and business purposes: The e-Visa validity is 30 days from the date of issue and allows a stay for up to 1 month.
The e-Visa is only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.
Bahrain e-Visa processing time is normally 5 working days. In urgent case, you can upgrade the processing time into 3 working days or 4working day.
2. Bahrain eVisa requirements for Indians

Indians will need the following before you apply for Bahrain eVisa:

+ Your passport validity must have at least (6) months. Photocopy of the photo page of the applicant's passport plus a copy of the passport last page.
+ Hold proof of sufficient funds
+ Hold proof of onward/return flights
+ Copy of bank statement under the visitor's name covering the last three months with and ending balance of not less than the equivalent of BD300.
+ Copy of hotel booking in Bahrain. Alternately, in case you are staying with a relative, please provide a copy of their CPR Reader's printout
+ Visa, Master, American Express or JCB credit cards for the payment

3. Bahrain eVisa processing time for Indians

For all Indians who need visa to Bahrain, we make sure that your Bahrain approval notice (Bahrain EVISA)  will be completed on time or even earlier than expected schedule. We offer three services with different processing time and price.

Depending on your need about the Bahrain eVisa in normal or urgent cases,  we are very glad to provide the following services:
- 5 working days for NORMAL service or 
- 4 working days for URGENT service
- 3 working days for URGENT service

4. Bahrain eVisa fees for Indians
Currency: USD 

Normal (5 working days) Urgent (4 working day) Super Urgent (3 working day)
The Tourist eVisa 99 plus 0 plus70 plus 90
The Business eVisa 99 plus 0 plus 70 plus 90

Hopefully this information is clear and useful for Indians. If you may need a quick the Bahrain eVisa, kindly click the below button to get your eVisa Bahrain now:

Or if you have any further queries about Bahrain eVisa RequirementsBahrain eVisa in general, or Bahrain vacations, kindly email us at or call our 24/7 hotline +84.903.278.853 for free information and guide.

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