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Super Urgent 3 working day Bahrain visa

Who are recommended to use this service?
If you are going to the airport in the next 3 days to fly to Bahrain and did not have enough time or forgot to apply for a Bahrain visa, you are advised to apply for this “Rush Bahrain visa 3 working days”. In this case, GoBahrainvisa is here to help you solve the emergency issue quickly in 3 working days. Please don’t worry.

How fast it can be done?
With urgent Bahrain visa in 3 working days, it takes 3 working days as maximum after your full payment confirmation to receive the Bahrain eVisa and other necessary things and guidance to enter Bahrain.

​Important note:  3 working days service is available on working days from Monday to Friday, and it should be applied at least 4 days prior your exact arrival date

How much is it?
It costs extra USD 90 for urgent 3-working day Bahrain visa processing fee, besides the normal Bahrain visa fee noted.

How to apply for urgent 3-working-day Bahrain visa?
It’s very simple, fast and trustworthy. Just kindly follow the 4 easy steps below:
Step 1: Choose urgent 3-working-day Bahrain visa when you fill in the Bahrain visa application form online
Step 2: Make online payment (costs extra USD 90) & MUST remember to call us at +84.904.678.853 to inform us of your application
Step 3: Receive Bahrain visa approval letter after 3 working days via email
Step 4: Print the Bahrain visa approval letter out, then fly to Bahrain and get the Bahrain visa stamped at the airport
  • Urgent Bahrain visa in 3 working days will be finished in 3 working days in Bahrain working time (not your country’s local time) after you make full payment (Bahrain working time: from 9am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, except lunch time, weekends and public holidays). If the application for this type of visa is done out of the listed time, the visa will be processed and finished on the next working day.
  • Since this is a rush case, kindly give us a phone call at our hotline +84.903.278.853 to inform of your application & payment completion to avoid any unexpected tardiness.
  • Urgent Bahrain visa in 3 working days is 100% guaranteed on time.
  • Please be reminded that “Rush Bahrain visa” or “Urgent Bahrain visa” means “Rush Bahrain visa approval letter” in full, because we only help to get your Visa approval letter issued more quickly, not the visa itself. And, in this case, “quickly” means 3 working days, instead of 3 working days as normal.
  • The visa approval letter will be sent to you via email, thus, the 3 working days is counted from the time of payment confirmation till the visa approval letter reaching your email. So, remember to check your email then. We do not be in charge of any unexpected problems due to your forgetting to check email to get this visa approved letter.

Should you need any further information about Bahrain visa or Bahrain vacations, feel free to contact us at +84.904.678.853 (available 24/7).Or email us at, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+3).

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