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Visa for Bahrain – who needs it?


Many visitors of our site have asked us the same question “Do I need a visa for Bahrain?” The answer is definitely “Yes” if he/she is not a Bahrain or the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Why? The reason may be found elsewhere on the internet with some scattered information about requirements of Visa for Bahrain. Yet, here we provide you with the most sufficient answer for your reference to help save your time of net surfing.
All foreigners who would like to visit must have a visa for Bahrain beforehand, or a pre-approved letter for the Visa for Bahrain (called Bahrain eVisa) to enter Bahrain.

Can I get Visa for Bahrain when arriving in Bahrain? Many people misunderstand that all the countries can get the Visa on arrival; however, only some eligible countries can get the Visa for Bahrain upon arrival. The fact is that you can get visa for Bahrain stamped at arrival airport in Bahrain, but with conditions: firstly you MUST have a Bahrain visa approval letter before getting on board to Bahrain, and secondly you MUST travel by air to India. Without those 2 conditions, you could not get  Visa for Bahrain upon arrival. To apply for this approval letter for Visa for Bahrain, kindly make online Bahrain visa application here.

Visa for India is the key first step for your Bahrain trip, so do get to know about it carefully before booking a flight to Bahrain:

  • Check Bahrain visa requirements  to know whether you are exempted from visa for Bahrain or not
  • If you are going to travel by air, make online application for Visa for Bahrain on arrival as the quickest way
  • Remember to print out and bring the Bahrain visa approval letter with you (with passport & 1 photo) to get the Visa for Bahrain stamped at arrival
  • If you are going to travel by other means of transport (rather than airway), visit the closest India embassy to get visa for Bahrain in advance

To apply for a visa for Bahrain quickly, kindly click the below button:

Or just feel free to call us at our 24/7 hotline +84.904.678.853 or email us at for 100% free information and guide about visa for Bahrain or Bahrain vacations.

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