Bahrain Visa On Arrival › Visa to Bahrain: what are mistakes often be made?

Visa to Bahrain: what are mistakes often be made?

Visa to Bahrain - What are mistakes often be made?

What are mistakes that may be made when applying for Visa to BahrainWhile applying for Visa to Bahrain, people may make mistakes, therefore we give out here several common mistakes or misunderstandings that they often make for you to avoid when applying for your Bahrain eVisa:

    1.      Wrong typo or spelling: Put your information wrong in the application form. For example, wrong name (sometimes not put full name as in passport --> wrong), date of birth, passport number, entry or exit date. In this case, you have to contact the Bahrain visa approval service provider to edit the information, or else you might not be allowed to enter Bahrain.

    2.      Date of arrival misunderstanding: many applicants think that the visa validity time starts from the date of their actual arrival in Bahrain, but this is wrong because the validity time starts from the arrival date you wrote in your application form beforehand, not your actual arrival date. Thus please be careful when choosing your arrival date for booking your flight to Bahrain.

   3.      Misunderstand of that every country can Applying for eVisa Bahrain offline at the arrival airport: if you think all the countries can apply for Bahrain visa at arrival airport, it is wrong, because only some countries can get the arrival evisa to Bahrain must be applied online beforehand for Visa approval, then upon arrival in Bahrain, you show this eVisa to the Immigration Officers at the arrival airport in Bahrain.

  4.      Misunderstand of getting visa to Bahrain at border: some people think that Bahrain eVisa can also be obtained at land border, this is wrong, because visa to Bahrain only works for those who travel by air or sea to Bahrain.

  5.      Misunderstand of online service fee excluding of stamping fee: some people believe that the stamping fee is already excluded in the service fee paid online in advance, this is wrong. All the fee will be paid online and then when you land at Bahrain airport, you do not need to pay anything.

Hopefully the information we list above is useful for you for your application for Visa to Bahrain. If you would like to ask about this, or might wish to add or share something related to this, please kindly email to us at . Thank you so much for your contribution!


Should you need any further information about Bahrain visa or Bahrain vacations, feel free to contact us at +84.903.278.853  (available 24/7). Or email us at, our Customer-Care Consultants will respond within 2 hours during working time and 24 hours outside working time (GMT+3)

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